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Over & Under Conveyor

Part Number rcv-20-13
Over & Under Conveyor
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Conveyor Length
Roller Guide rail
Roller Spacing - 6' roller spacing standard - be sure to select same length as conveyor
7.4 Roller Spacing (standard)
4.6 Roller Spacing
3.6 Roller Spacing
Chains - 81XH chain standard - be sure to select same length as conveyor
D88K Chain
SC78 Chain
X458 Chain
Log Chain
Additonal Options
Entrance Control System
Photo Entrance Eye System 110V [+$650.00]
Photo Entrance Eye System 24V [+$650.00]
Pulse Kits
Plate Pulse Kit [+$450.00]
Hydraulic Pulse Kit Conveyor Pulse Switch [+$1,450.00]
Center Sections
10 Foot Center Section [+$1,995.00]
5 Foot Center Section [+$945.00]
Floor Switches
Floor Tape Switch 32in x 9in Blue 24V [+$275.00]
Hydraulic Power Packs
No Hydraulic Power Pack Selected
Power Pack 7.5HP 10.5GPM 1 Flow [+$2,560.00]
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Tracking Rails 10ft Sections [+$695.00]
Anti-Collision Systems
Anti Collision System Complete [+$1,719.00]
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Econocraft heavy-duty Over and Under Conveyor is intentionally "overbuilt". This means it's engineered to provide years of trouble-free service under the toughest operating conditions This outstanding conveyor is also designed for easy maintenance.


  • Air over oil  cushion for chain
  • Smooth and quiet entrance and exit door operation
  • Automatic heavy duty hydraulic chain tension (air/ oil) provides constant and accurate chain tension prolonging the chain life
  • Grease fittings located above the pit for single point one-step bearing lubrication
  • Top access doors for easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty direct drive gear box standard hydraulic drive
  • heavy duty direct drive gear  box (electric drive option)
  • 2 1/2 air cylinder for roller up
  • Optional roller wear strips available
  • Optional roller guide rail available

Chain & Rollers

  • Standard 81 XH steel chain
  • Available with other choices of chain
  • Standard 6 roller spacing
  • Optional 3 6 spacing available
  • Standard steel wheel rollers prevent premature roller wear caused by debris on tire plate surface
  • Optional six wheel uhmw rollers available


  • Standard painted steel
  • Optional galvanized steel available
  • Constructed of 1/2 top plate / tire guide
  • Constructed of 3/8 side frame legs
  • 13 wide tire guide
  • Standard 12 tooth sprocket
  • 1/2 uhmw drivers side safety curb rail protects the rims
  • Hydraulic power pack
  • Sized to specific conveyor lengths


  • Hydraulic power pack
  • Sized to specific conveyor lengths


  • Vehicle Clearance 4 1/2
  • Recommended conveyor pit depth 22
  • Optional conveyor pit depths available
  • Shipping Weight 1000 lbs per 10 section
  • Air 2 CFM @ 120 PSI
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